“FIRE School of Ministry was birthed in the fires of revival and is grounded in the Word, anointed by the Spirit, passionate for the gospel, and ablaze for God. For more than 20 years, our anointed team has been training, raising up, and sending out world changers who are making a powerful impact for Jesus around the globe. And now, you can join their ranks as we bring our complete two-year program online right into your home!”

Dr. Michael L. Brown, President

First Year Program

16 Weeks Academic Program

Focusing on: 

  • Enter into a more Intimate and mature walk with God
  • Know the Word on a more advance level.
  • Experience authentic and enduring relationships.
  • Receive practical tools to minister through supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Be empowered to live a radical holy life.
  • Build solid confidence as God’s child and a new creation.
  • Receive a greater release into your calling and destiny.
  • Cultivate a radical prayer life.


“The goal of community is to make each other be more like Jesus.” and “Who we are is based on who Jesus is and what He says about us.”

Eric Miller

Director, FSM Philippines

First Semester Courses: 

  • Foundations for Intimacy with God
  • Old Testament Survey
  • Doctrinal Foundations 1
  • History Maker
  • Pastoral Epistles
  • Contemporary Doctrinal Errors
  • Revolution in the Church
  • Principle of Evangelism
  • Ministry Viewpoint
  • And many more

Second Semester  Courses:

  • Prayer and Intercession
  • New Testament Survey
  • Doctrinal Foundations 2
  • Principle of Holiness
  • Spiritual Foundations
  • Lifeskills and Stewardship
  • Apostolic Foundations
  • World Mission
  • Introduction to Islam
  • And many more

Student Testimonials

In FSM I learned how to value and pursue the presence of God. Also, as a young perosn, who is still starting to sought her calling, God taught me to not just trust Him in small things, but slowly to learn to trust Himin bigger things. To step up a little more than what I am familiar and used with. And being able to be trusted in small things. Small number of people, because out of these small steps produce valuable and victorious testimonies. More than a believer and a servant, being able to understand such relationship to Him as His beloved daughter.


First Year Student

In FIRE School of Ministry, I’ve learned to value having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ so that I can hear, nad obey Him with His grace. As a young professional I’ve learned to walk by faith and put my confidence in Him, believing that there is always greater things to come in pursuing His will. Most of all, to value a life living in God’s holiness and righteouness through humbling myself to Him.

Krizzhia Joy

Second Year Student

Being part of Fire School of Ministry Philippines was really life-changing. God used FSM to change my life forever, He used it to bring healing to my relationship with Him. Growing up in a Christian Community I for one can say that I knew the Lord. But I didn’t know him from a place of love, but of lies and fear. When I was in Fire School of Ministry, this was the very first thing God broke and healed from my life. He showed me how He was after those lies. Those lies that separated me from Him, isolated me from experiencing His true love, and made me believe in an unloving Father.

FSM also helped me know who He truly is, which I believe is crucial in knowing our identity. My knowledge and experience of Him led me to find my worth and identity as His daughter. FSM has truly blessed and changed my life in great ways.


Graduate, Batch 2019

My season in FSM is one of the best seasons in my life. There are so many things the Lord has taught me through FSM and it helped me a lot even after school. This time, I will only mention eight things on how FSM helped me during those time.

Only eight for now as there are so many of them. It was there that the stirring of my heart: (1) to see revival inside the church has started but to still (2) honor the leadership and (3) humble before the Lord in prayer and intercession, (4) personal revival as a lifestyle, (5) to be more passionate to God by cultivating intimacy, (6) engaged to mission and nations and (7) to go whenever and wherever called to and (8) fully trust the Lord in everything.


Graduate, Batch 2017