“FIRE School of Ministry was birthed in the fires of revival and is grounded in the Word, anointed by the Spirit, passionate for the gospel, and ablaze for God. For more than 20 years, our anointed team has been training, raising up, and sending out world changers who are making a powerful impact for Jesus around the globe. And now, you can join their ranks as we bring our complete two-year program online right into your home!”

Dr. Michael L. Brown, President

Second Year Program

16 Weeks Academic Program

Focusing on:

  • Intimacy with God
  • Know the Word on a more advance level.
  • Experience authentic and enduring relationships.
  • Receive practical tools to minister through supernatural power   of the Holy Spirit.
  • Be empowered to live a radical holy life.
  • Build solid confidence as God’s child and a new creation.
  • Cultivate a radical prayer life.


First Semester Courses: 

  • Introduction to Apologetics
  • Jewish Roots
  • World Christianity
  • New Jesus People
  • Leadership
  • Biblical Exegesis
  • Why Revival Tarries
  • Baptism and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Diving Healing
  • And many more

Second Semester  Courses:

  • Cross Cultural Communications
  • Cults and Comparative Religion
  • Expository to Romans
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Shepherding God’s Flock
  • Acts of the Apostles
  • Preaching and Public Speaking
  • Introduction to Islam
  • And many more

Student Testimonials

It is never worth it! to doubt the call of God in your life “He qualifies the one He called” I am now in my Internship season and I am very grateful of what the Lord has done to me in Fire School of Ministry. The foundation of everything is our Intimacy with God. Fire School is not just teaching us how to be intimate with the Lord, they gave us freedom to fail, the freedom to hear from the Lord. FSM helped me see my purpose, they helped me see myself the way God sees me. “I have been crucified with Christ, it is not I who longer lives but Christ who lives in me” As a disciple of Jesus we should always remind ourselves of this verse. We are not on our own anymore, we should surrender our lives to Him and trusting Him in our lives is the indication of being so grateful (it’s beyond words) that Jesus came to save us, to gave us freedom, gave us victory over the enemy, gave us eternal life. Now it is your time also give Him ALL that He deserves as the Moravians said “May the Lamb who was slain, is worthy to received the reward of His suffering” It is now or never! If you are called to be eqquiped and to be in a fulltime ministry. Obey what the Lord is speaking to you!


Third Year Student, Internship

I attended the Fire School of Ministry right after God spoke to me through a missionary saying, “ natilawan nimo ang kamaayo sa Ginoo, tilaw usab! I see God extended His hand to you and then He needs you to give everything to Him. Are you willing? Don’t take your season forgranted! ‘coz we have specific tasks and places. Yield this time!” Indeed that was the right time and word that I needed. Truly, I am seeking for more. Fire School of Ministry becomes my family, who is always there for me. A family that always reminds me to seek God’s presence and to be ready in season or out of season. To not work for man but for the glory of Christ. Allowing me to be set free from doubts of who I am in Christ that I am loved, fearfully and wonderfully made. These family helps me realize that God has given us a specific platform and opportunity to make Jesus known to everyone. We might not be given an opportunity to stand on a pulpit to preach the gospel but I understood that my skill (Dentistry) is my pulpit. Dentistry is a place where I can bless others and be blessed also.



Graduate, Batch 2019

I am beyond blessed to be part of Fireschool of Ministry. I remember the first time I enter the building, there’s a peace in my heart and I really felt like the Lord is confirming to me that “I am in the right place.” This institution is not just about being a student, but being a part of a community and family. It’s a great privileged to be equipped and mentored by men and women of God that is on fire in the Lord. If people would ask me “kung asa na part skong life ang akong pinaka favorite?” My answer would be, being part of this institution because it helped me a lot, especially in my walk with the Lord. Fireschool of Ministry is not just teaching us about the Bible but they are teaching us in all aspects of life and challenging us to “step out in our comfort zone.” I encourage you to be part of Fireschool of Ministry.


Third Year Student, Internship

God taught me how to value spiritually His Holy calling in my life. All I can say, is a perfect designed of the Lord to equiped and trained completely to become a radical and passionate disciple of Christ in taking the great commission in this last days. All our passionate teachers and mentors pouring out thier time, efforts and sacrifices so that we’ve discover the abilities, potentials and the gifts of God that He designed for individuals. A was amazed to being partner with God to witnessed all powers in healing, deliverance, and salvation. He taught me here about seeking Him intentional and intimately all the times. I’ve learned devotedly and passionately in spending time to rest in His Presence, He revealing mewith my true identity of who am I in Christ.


Second Year Student