Academic Program

FIRE School of Ministry Philippines is a three year leadership program. Two years of class room type training that focuses on intimacy with God, being grounded in the Word and receive practical tools to minister through supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Third year is a complete supervised internship program to acquire further hands-on practical ministry experience.

Practical Ministry

A ministry practicum completed in conjuction with ministries or churches in the student’s local area. Each practicum credit requires the student to complete 60 hours of approved ministry within a four month period to receive full credit. Practical Ministry gives opportunity to students to acquire supervised ministry experience and at the same time to make valuable contribution by serving in a ministry context. 

Program Objective

FIRE School of Ministry’s programs are designed to help our students:

  • Enter into a more intimate and mature walk with God.
  • Know the Word on a more advanced level.
  • Receive practical tools to live and minister through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Be empowered to live a radical, holy life.
  • Build solid confidence in your identity as God’s child and a new creation.
  • Feel greater release into your calling and destiny.
  • Cultivate a radical prayer life.



Program Components

The FIRE School of Ministry Online program includes:

  • Full-length audio lectures of all classes, complete with detailed study guides.
  • Course content which can be downloaded for offline access at your convenience.
  • Academic assignments, deepening your knowledge of the Word.
  • Practical ministry assignments, helping you grow in experience.
  • Optional weekly, live sessions with FSM faculty, who will share their unique insights and interact with your questions.
  • Three month long academic terms, which allow you to begin classes during any month of the year.
  • Internship opportunities with FIRE leaders around the world.
  • Flexibility to complete our programs at your own pace.
  • SAMPLE COURSES 100% 100%

Bible and Theology

Students will be grounded in the word and sound theology through these classes, including:

  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Doctrinal Foundations
  • Jewish Roots
  • Biblical Exegesis
  • And more…

Christian Formation

Students will learn how to grow closer to God and be transformed into His image through these classes, including:

  • Foundations for Intimacy with God
  • Foundations of Prayer
  • Leadership
  • The Love of God
  • Principles of Holiness
  • And more…


Christian Worldview

Students will be grounded in a Christian perspective through these classes, including:

  • The New Jesus People
  • World Missions
  • Apostolic Foundations
  • Revival History & Characteristics
  • And more!

Ministry Studies

Students will be equipped to live and minister through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit through these classes, including:

  • Baptism and Gifts of the Spirit
  • Principles of Evangelism
  • Prophets and Prophetic Ministry
  • Personal Discipleship
  • And more!

FSM Philippines Chapel Service

In FIRE School of Ministry, we cultivate an atmosphere of worship and hunger for more His word. Every Tuesday we come together as a community to worship, pray, and receive the word of God. FIRE School of Ministry is not just a school, it’s a spirtual culture. 

Fire of Revival

Fire of Revival is a personal Youtube Channel of Pastor Eric Miller where he shares recorded preaching about Revival, Holy Spirit and Intimacy with God. Check out the videos.