We offer special course for people who wants to take a class or few at a time. With this program, we have set of classes that we highly recommend aside from the classes set per semester for our regular students. 

Some of the classes are Foundations of Prayer and Intercesssions, Intimacy with God, Love of God, Evangelism, Discipleships, Pastoral Ministry, Holy Spirit and Revival. Teachers varies from Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Jaime Morgan, Pastor David Harwood, Pastor Ken Pounders, Pastor Keith Collins and Pastor Eric Miller and many more.

How To Be Led By The Spirit by Dr. Michael Brown

Principles of Evangelism by Ken Pounders

Contemporary Doctrinal Errors by Dr. Michael Brown

The Love of God by David Harwood

Prayer and Intercession by Dr. Jaime Morgan

Doctrinal Foundations by Steve Alt


Students will be required to listen to all class material required by each individual courses. At the end of the term each student will be required to complete and affidavit, indicating they have done so by the term deadline.

Class materials cannot be reproduced, sold, or distributed to anyone without the express written consent of FIRE School of Ministry Philippines.